Seabirds in the Arctic

Delves into the orders of seabirds, their behaviors, diets, migration, and nesting, and threats including climate change.

An example slide, featuring images of the four orders of seabirds.

Arctic Seabirds as Proxies for the Health of the Ocean

Underlines the need of studying sea birds as part of understand ecological dangers.

A Powerpoint slide with a single plankton pictured among various arctic birds.

Migration of Western Sandpipers from Panama to Alaska

A deep dive into the research behind sandpiper migration, and how outside factors play a part.

An example slide, laying out the strategies of study, including how long they feed, rest, and what they forage for.

Understanding Energetics, Marine Food Webs, Migration, and Conservation in Shorebirds and Seabirds

Focuses on the diet of a collection of species, and how it supports their demanding lifestyle, including long migrations.

An example slide, showing maps of the migration routes of shorebirds.

Ecological Succession Costa del Este Panama Bay

Photo series of sandpiper study, including catching and tagging specimens.

An example slide, featuring the presentations subtitle, over a group of sandpipers in front of the water's edge.

Cooperative Conservation + Integrated Management + Rigorous Research = Winning Recipe for Recovery The California Least Tern from Listing to the Present

Discusses the role of military bases in maintaining an endangered species.

A Powerpoint slide showing Least Terns feeding a chick

Migration of Western Sandpipers (Calidris mauri)

A partner photo series, including night roosting and mist nets.

An example slide, featuring the title slide with the partner's logos, including the Department of Defense.